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Mathematics underpins many aspects of our daily life. Yet, many people are comfortable saying, “I never was good at math,” even though they themselves would feel concerned if someone told them, “I never was good at reading.” Do you want to improve your math skills? Boost your experience and confidence? The Preparing for University Math Program (PUMP) can help you do this through a thorough review of crucial math topics. If you master PUMP, you are ready for first year calculus and statistics.

PUMP is run by the Department of Mathematics of the St George campus of the University of Toronto. Our experienced instructors are excited about mathematics and willing to address all questions with an earnest desire to deepen your understanding and help train you to think.

What are the advantages of PUMP?

PUMP provides the necessary foundation upon which the greater generality and abstraction of university mathematics is based.

PUMP is a non-credit course. Because it does not count towards a degree, the stress associated with course marks is reduced and students can better concentrate on their learning.

PUMP participants are given an inside view of what to expect in their future university math courses, how to cope with the demands of courses, and what their prospects are. In short, successful PUMP students will have better insight into which first-year math course(s) to choose and will be generally better prepared for university.

PUMP has regularly-scheduled assessments that reflect university standards. Students will have the opportunity to measure their own progress throughout the course.

For more information please see: http://www.math.toronto.edu/cms/pump/

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